Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Billionaire Club program?

The Billionaire Club is a loyalty program offered by Zoh Probiotics. To access the benefits of the program, you must log in to the program through

What are POPcoins?

POPcoins is a currency that allows you to access exclusive offers and discounts when you shop on Zoh Probiotics. You can earn and redeem POPcoins not only on Zoh Probiotics but also on other partner brands that are part of the POPcoins program.

Is there a membership fee for The Billionaire Club?

No, there is no membership fee to participate in The Billionaire Club program. All you need to do is click on the rewards program and join the program.

How many POPcoins do I get for shopping on Zoh Probiotics?

You will receive 5 POPcoins for every Rs. 100 spent on Zoh Probiotics. For instance, if you purchase a product for Rs. 1000, you will earn 50 POPcoins, which will be credited to your account after the return period has ended, typically after 15 days. Once the POPcoins are credited to your account, you can redeem them immediately. However, please note that you will not earn any POPcoins for reward purchases.

What is the validity period for POPcoins?

POPcoins are valid for 6 months from the date they are credited to your account.

What are the ways to use POPcoins?

Here are some ways you can use the POPcoins you earn on Zoh Probiotics:

  • Redeem them for exclusive offers and discounts on Zoh Probiotics products.
  • Use coins to access offers on lifestyle areas like movies, events, OTT subscriptions, and travel to over 50 destinations through The Billionaire Club Rewards.
  • Use coins to get discounts on partner brands participating in the POPcoins program.

Is it possible to cancel rewards redeemed with POPcoins?

No, once you have redeemed rewards using POPcoins, it is not possible to reverse the transaction.

Is it possible to use POPcoins as the sole payment method for shopping on Zoh Probiotics?

No, it is not possible to use POPcoins for the entire purchase amount. POPcoins can only be used to get a discount on a certain value of the cart, and the discount percentage is available on our website.

When will POPcoins be credited to my account after purchase?

POPcoins will be credited to your account immediately after payment of the order.

If I cancel the order, will the POPcoins that were to be credited to my account also be canceled?

Yes, the POPcoins that you were supposed to earn will be revoked for the canceled order.

Where can I check the details of my POPcoins?

To view the details of your POPcoins, please follow these easy steps on the Zoh Probiotics website:

  • Login to The Billionaire Club.
  • Navigate to the bottom of the page and click on the "Check History" button. This will take you to the coins history page, where you can check the status of your POPcoins, including whether they are 'on the way,' 'credited,' 'redeemed,' or 'expired.'